Do i sit on top of the world ? This is a question I ask myself all the time. it was said to be by a friend that everyone wants to be famous but only and handful f us will make it. II find this so true in many ways because of the fact that none of us don't know what we really want to begin with and I find it so sad. Andy Warhol's quote: Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes sticks with me everyday. Becoming a celebrity has been one of the most easiest task in this age in time . Every time I look at the news all I see is who is cheating on who (Tiger Woods) to which celebrity has died (Brittany Murphy ) no disrespect but what happened about things like with our economy and global warming etc this is sad and I blame t.v for this. Lady Gaga to em is a prime example if it was not for Nicola Formichettti i don't think Lady Gaga would be a main stream as she is today. All I am saying in this note is where did everyone and everything that is important go