In the street people want to come up to me and say Hello! , but they say to me the reason why they never come up and say "Hi" is because I look like the very serious. I am known as the Fashionista Model to Majority of you people. I have allot of sides to myself actually. I say to myself why base your attitude on one kind of feeling/setting. I am almost like Anna Wintour (editor & Chief of VOGUE USA). Everyone feels as if she is the devil who wears PRADA but in all reality she is not. Anna Wintour is just an average lady who happens to have more control than the average.

At the SNAP! of a finger she can make or break some one. but anyway not to go off TOPIC. I am a very nice person who happens to go through everyday life wondering how I will make it to the next day just like you. I have INVISIBLE feelings, meaning they are their but you can not See them. I do not believe in PDA (Public Display of Affection ) because I feel it lets people know to much about you in such a small amount of time (which is BAD). Anyway this is me if you don't know so please do not have any common thoughts of me ass to I stand strong with my Kindness and if I do look evil in the street it's only because I am a very Serious person and II am probably on my way some where

Best Wishes

-Shaun Ross-