Try to call themselves "Man" because they can be discreet 
Saggy Pant walking fella feels he can't be beat 

Not loud , not flimsy or flashy too
because Jim Jones went a did it , Uggs now became acceptable !

They rap about chicks talking about how they want to nut
then makes songs about girls called " Bottoms Up "

They always beg people , how not to tell 
then you see them with their boo  on the cover of XXL

The are same dudes who make fun of gays 
but at night time we know their cakes are the one's being slayed 

because their afraid of the pain to live it gay by day 
 so they dress like a thug and say " I like Pussay "

Be yourself be confident , don't lose it here 
here's a couple words about man i just had to spare